Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shadows dont lie?

The squinty eyed rodents (whistle-pigs)  are unsure once again.   My fly-away hair, scaley heels and brittle nails agree that winter is not done with us yet.
Spirits are high and bright in blogland I see.  Mostly sharing the comfy food and aroma therapy trinkets to ease us through.  I do peek at the overview stats from time to time and amazed by the countries that have been curious about puddleduck grange.  The tiny lights on the world map constantly entertain my imagination.
Exploring DownUnder, blogfriends ,Tania www.befree2create.blogspot.com and Wini www.artloveandjoy.blogspot.com sent me Art filled Sunshine even though they have experienced some challenging weather themselves..  Grateful and Treasured, thank you.♥

Keeping with "focus & finishing"  several blogland friends, guessed the "who's who?" in my last post.
Emily Post of course!  Why did this come to mind you ask?  or not, Well..... many years ago I was asked by an employer if I would be interested in a box of books he was discarding from his garage.  Of course I would be.....what jumped out at me was this elegant book.  The employer was very taken back that I made such a fuss about him discarding this BOOK!  He  didn't know what I was going about nor did he care...."never heard of her or this book"   he said and quickly waved me and the box out of his office.
Action speak louder than words they say  (those wise "they")  Clearly his lose and a huge reminder from "beyond" that this standard should not be discarded.
FYI for those who did not get beat for using wire hangers,  "The Blue Book of Social Usage" is the standard for living gracefully. 1922 until today.
A Quote of interest..."far more important Who you are, than What you appear to be"
Never mind rolling your eyes, it is important.  The Library of Congress believes so .
The book is a delight to read, mine is 9th edition from 1957.  Thankfully Emily's great,great grandaughter, Lizzi Post,  is caring on this standard .  If interested please visit www.emilypost.com/lizzie-post
I could go on and on ,  I believe that money cannot buy "charm" (ethics, good manners, kindness towards others... whatever you wish) 
Not the kind of "charm" that will stick anyway

Thank you for playing along and another interesting name "Emily Pankhrust" was past on to me. www.rosalily.blogspot.com    Hmmm      Let me grab some cake and lets see who's who?  
Bee Safe! Explore, Focus & Finish



  1. Great post Debi, wonderful art to. I have to admit i'd never heard of Emily Post! You learn something new every day xxx

  2. Brighten up any winter day with fabulous Art from Australia. Tania has a home full of puddleducks and now they create along with her and Wini is busy getting ready for another gallery showing..I have and am learning wonderful new skills thanks to all of yu creative♥s

  3. Thank you for the gift, a lovely post just what I needed after a day at work. Hope the weather gets better for you soon x

  4. Etiquette :) What a sweet discovery of a book. I NEVER get rid of books, I want to build a whole massive library one day! Even if I've already read them, they stay. What a packrat I am ;)

  5. Books will never go out of Vogue! They are the hard copy of our past,present and future....Wow, I should eat more sweets that was deeeepppp! Thankyu for visiting, I do look forward to all your visits...♥

  6. Thanks again Debi, really loved playing your who's who game - and you are right manners are sooooo important!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  7. lovely mail! what a great find! i will always prefer reading a book than a digital copy. i hope books never leave us in the future!

  8. I recognize those sweet Scatter Joy bags, as I sit here now with one in my happy little hands! I shall find the perfect sweater to attach my lovely pin to and think of you :)

    Thank you so much!

  9. Hi Debi, Thank you for the lovely messages that you left on my blog and FB page. I appreciate you. Thank you for the lovely mention here are well!! I like your Scatter Joy bags too. How sweet! I hope alls well with you. Wini xx


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