Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grey Days & Scissors?

I finally took my fingerless gloves off to visit all you very inspiring and humorous blogging gals.  The tiny warmth of the laptop is thawing my fingertips...It was  -40 oC windchill this morning, even I
cannot find this slightly amusing.  My car wont entertain the slightest idea of going anywhere and the wedding gift ( coffeemaker ) died before this marriage. 
The sun replaced the almost full moon and slowly I am coming around.  Domestic drival shine on-----

True to nature, procrastination rules!!  hurray!! Recently I was watching something? and now they have labeled my adorable character flaw as ADD lolololol really....if I a nickle for every lable that has been flung at me...Focus.....As I have proclaimed "Explore" is my word this year sprinkled with focus and finishing...drum rooollll   here is my first task completed for 2013****

Surprise gift from  clever♥ Estelle.  I have never tried this craft ( my sister is the wizard at this ) but this challenge was better than yoga! ( yoga is puts me instantly to sleep)   I had to empty the messiness of mind and truly Focus!  Grinning to myself as this caused the vapors and clammy brow, I was rejecting this behaviour to my core. 

The Super Crafty gals over the faraway truly inspire me to behave and Finish,  you know how you are!  I never said Perfection but as Ady (  always says....practice, practice,practice.    True to nature I had to make one of my own  ♥  to go along with the bird.  The red toille was the wrapping of my gift and you may recall the pins from .

Frigid past weekend  "Explore" challenge was to the one and only vintage book shop.  With my discount card from resold books to said shop I immediately searched out the Classic's.  Currently , reading like yoga, causes sleeping, so yet another area of improvement to conquer. 

I prefer women authors for many reasons, when I am able to fight the sandman off. 

I have several projects lined up and awaiting attention, I recently recieved a perfect new stamp from Rabbit Hole Art on Etsy as well as the Explore bottle I displayed earlier.  My special blend Gemini oil and a secret blend (  for my new projects...

Who ever can tell me Who this Women is.....I will send you a gift from my new projects.....

I love rambling on and on but the drival is taking over my thoughts.   I hate responsibilities, always have, but as I look back, that is why I have been presented with an abundant of them.....SHE wants me to be accepting.
I think I need a new hair cut.....thats it.....where are those scissors..........(rebel yell!)

Remember....tell me who that Classic Women is and I will send you a surprise!


  1. What a lovely pin cushion. I hope it warms up soon for you xx

  2. I wish I knew that lady! Thinking I was so clever, I googled images of the authors you share here thinking perhaps they were clues, but alas, they do not match....

    I'm not so clever afterall....haha!

    Love these sweet embroidered cushions! Good for you Focusing and trying something new and delightful :)

  3. Well done, the cross stitch looks fab! Love how you used the fabric around the edge, clever duck :)

    Take care and keep cosy, Estelle xx

  4. Replies
    1. Please send my your address so I can send you something special and thank you for playing! Thank you for visiting me..♥Debi

  5. "I think I need a new hair cut.....thats it.....where are those scissors..........(rebel yell!)"
    lol! funny! i've started doing some yoga lately, i am not flexible!!!! but i am loving it ;] cute birdie cushion! hugs from california!!!~ash

  6. A lovely project and well done for finishing it! As for the image I dont know - Emily Pankhurst maybe?? x

  7. What a super FUN!!!! blogging friends I have indeed....Cynthia has guessed correctly, but that doesnt mean the guessing is over..........I have made alittle special something for everyone who plays along....Rosa are close...with the first name....I did look Emily Pankhurst up and she is more fabulous still wasnt she? This time of year I love searching out positives...

    Thank you all creative♥s and keep sending me your guess!

  8. Ooh this has been it Emily Post perchance????

    Hugs, E xx

  9. You all have been so much fun....and I have all your information except Cynthia,s and I will be getting my Special Something to thank you all for playing alone....Thank you creative♥s for warming up this ducks heart. ♥Debi

  10. Sorry hun cant think who she is, maybe because shes American its not that obvious to me?

  11. I really could not figure out who that woman is! Darn it! I'm usually good at these things! I do believe someone in the comments got it right though! Beautiful cross stitching! And yes it was mighty cold last week, and then they shut down the whole city on Wednesday, I do believe it was pretty bad up your way as well as far as icy roads go.


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