Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spider Moon

At the end of this grey and somber month there will be another glorious moon.  I have found in my  "Llewellyn's Witches Datebook 2012" November 28ths fullness to be referred to as "the storytelling spider moon".  Kristin Madden  (contributing writer in the 2012 Datebook)   tells us that "spider is the weaver, the link to past and furture, and the keeper of language and creativity.  She (love the female reference) bestows her gifts upon writers and poets.  Among some cultures, it was she who wove the "primordial alphabet" so that we humans might possess a written language.  To some African peoples, Spider is Anansi, the storyteller.  He ( male reference..hmmm interesting)  is the Keeper of history ( see...his..tory) and knowledge."

Definitely this has been a month of "Rememberance"  past, present and oh!?  the future.   I have been humbled by the distance some humans have gone for others in the past,   appalled by the neglect of others when neighbour and fellow humans are in present need,  but as the universe demands, "balance" in the future .   I have personally witnessed and recieved,  touches of hope, compassion, and a helping hand UP from others,  with only a  "feeling" that something is just not right.  (dearest of sisters)

With two years of being inspired by the creative journey's of all you exceptional cyber♥s ,  I have been blessed to have friended,  I have come to another "quest". 


Recall from past posts here at Puddleduck Grange...."Clothes Encounters" my favorite respite, creative rediscovery, vintage shop adventure,  in North Bay Ontario Canada.  Delightful owner and fab artist, Lynn Compton, is thrilled to be my inspiration for my 2 year"Thank YOU!" giveaway♥♥♥

When I mentioned my blogging anniversary, Lynn knew exactly what I was looking for ( hmmm am I that easy to please?lolol)  She does have secret places in her shop for the eccentric and is over joyed to share her "luminous" vision.  Which I must say is "the real deal" as whoever "they" are, would say.

Blink, Blink, blink   and oh my, " I have something I know YOU! will like"  

Please look past the wrinkled duck skin and oven burned hand (Domestic Diva scars! )   Lynn presented me with a truly handcrafted, jeweled (notice the opal) work of exteme ART!  Unfortunately, this is not her creative work, but she travels in magical circles and finds  just the right homes for her special pieces.

Difficult to give this away,  it is ME lolololo   but I have been blessed with so much since venturing out of myself and exploring the creative world.   So enough sappyness....please let me know in a comment that you are going to try and gift...."Handmade" this holiday season, and why.

I will put alllllll your names in my puddleduck hat ( remember?) and mail out this bracelet to the very lucky winner.  

Photo does not flatter this piece , but it is truly amazing and orignal.    Thank you one and all for the most wonderful past 2years of sincere friending , creative inspiration and personal support this silly duck has ever been part of.  Thank you Lynn of "Creative Encounters" her shop is truly inspirational.♥

Whats with the Mask?   it is my new thing....Im hiding behind it for now and with the help of
"The Spider Moon"  I will be taking pen to paper for awhile,  lighting my favorite black candles, to rid negativity and absorb all unwanted energy,  releasing it harmlessly.  

Blessings and have a charitable heart........................................Huge ♥ Hugs  to all


  1. I also love Lynn's shop!
    Handmade gifts has always been part of what I do at Christmas. At one time, it was so because of a lack of funds, especially when in university or as a young parent. But there was always so much pleasure in planning and making the gifts. I still do many hand made gifts but to only a select few.

  2. I wish I could visit her shop....sounds like the perfect place to lose oneself in for a spell :)

    I used to give more handmade gifts....but ever since we changed to just exchanging gifts for the children about 6 years ago. I don't get the chance as often. Still, my nieces are getting old enough now to appreciate a set of handmade earrings or a cute scarf knit in front of the tv....so, I try, when I can to give them the gift of my time. If I am not able to give handmade, I always make the present look uber cute with crafty touches :)

    I like that photo of you in the mask....heehee!

  3. Wonderful post - that bracelet is stunning! Thank you for all your lovely visits, will catch up with you after the 'big event'!

    Take care, Estelle xx

  4. i love your recent dod paintings debi! they are gorgeous! the bracelet is very unique! for handmade creations this holiday i am going to paint some paintings for my loved ones! i love the mask!!! take care!!!!

    ashley :]

  5. I love handmade gifts! I will present both of my sisters with hand crocheted scarves. My oldest sister's birthday is on Christmas Day with my other sister's birthday just a week after, on Jan. 3rd!! The bracelet us very unique and beautiful! Take care Debi! Love the info from the Witches Datebook!

  6. What a beautiful moon! I love the new look to your blog as well. Beautiful bracelet, and what a lovely generous giveaway. You're looking fabulous in your mask I might add ;)


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