Thursday, November 22, 2012

Saving Grace

I am finding difficulty in motivating myself towards the joy that fills ones heart during the coming festive season.      I will make a special effort, this year especially,  to direct empowerment to those who (according to my belief standards)  gracefully add  balance .

 borrowed from Pinterest.....   warning...addictive :)

Distrubed by the actions of the over stuffed gobblers of the world,   I have mustard up extra effort to unruffle and project gracious light. 

Previously, I spoke of gratitude for my cyber♥s  that over the past 2 yrs. have inspired and brightened my journey.  Thankful for meeting so many of you, from every corner (notice my globe on right side? I can see yooooouuuu!) : ) 
One such blog friend, Lynn, who is the artist/shop owner of Clothes Encounters, here in town (North Bay Ontario Canada)  provided me with a very unique piece to give to one of you. 

I put all you names in my fav. knitted bucket hat,  had my house gnome oversee and with  eyes closed tightly ,,,  a  wave  of my magic wand..... and  the very busy, creative heart............Estelle!!!!  South Wales, United Kingdom
Estelle is busy with her finest creation #4  her new baby....CCCCongratulations!
I  quack on and on  about handmade gifts.  I feel that your time is valued  (priceless)  to those who are ♥special to recieve your gifts. 
 Many creative♥s  (   I  have come to meet,    I am in  "awe"   of their passion, courage and commitment. 
So take a look, this year, to the small up and coming entrepreneurs.
For my fav's you can find me as a buyer....Prudence Puddleduck.  I.m still "under the bed" about passion, courage and commitment.
Yarn/Passionate Knitter...
Art Supplies (in Canada!)....
Yarn/Knitter Extraordinair...
My Gifting Go To...
 just to name a fewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....most of the  blogs on the right are up and coming entrepreneurs giving special value to yours and giving :)
This is my gift to ME!!!!   from
Well Canada Post will be stepping it up thanks to me....."Doll Dreams"
(my art therapy Saving Grace
is having an ornament swap, hosted by Trish!  (blog♥) 
Off to California!............
Off to The Netherlands!....
Off  to Wisconsin!.......
I send 3 and will,  not so patiently,  wait for 3 in return...which I will blogpost in Puddleduck Studio when they all arrive.
Starting with my favorite list first "Naughty"  I am off to heartfully plan, thankfully, another festive season.
Bee Safe,  Bee Charitable,  Bee Happy...♥


  1. Thank you for the mention and the images, i'm happy you liked your purchases! I love the top painting you did - the lady in red - expressive lips!! Also the quote from Pinterest - I love these words as I love anyone and anything that is different xxx

    1. Unique people always give me hope that all is not lost.
      You have inspired me to pull out my huge bin of fabric that I have been neglecting for far to long. Thank you for being YOU! ♥

  2. Wow, how wonderful! I am just tiptoeing through blogland visiting my fave blogs and what do I see - I can't believe I won your fab prize! Thank you so much, you have made my day!

    I was popping in to let you know my news - as I sit here I am holding my little perfect guy. He was born last Thursday and we are both doing fabulously!

    Thank you again my friend, Estelle xx

    1. You are so very Welcome! Your tutorials and numerous swaps inspire all to be brave and try new creative avenues. By "walking the talk" I will happily follow.
      Oh how wonderful that you and yours are doing just fine!!! Please take special care of you...many depend on you............♥Debi

  3. Hi Debi, Just stopping by to say Hello. I Love your new blog layout and I Love your festive paintings!! How kind of you to host a giveaway and congrats to the winners. Thank you for entering my giveaway too!! Love to you and have a lovely week!!! Wini xo

  4. So glad to count you among my Blog Buddies this year, too!
    Thank you so much for the links....and the gorgeous owl you sent!

    So unexpected and sweet of you :)

    Biggest Hugs,

  5. Beautiful paintings! You will find joy, warmth, and inspiration through this holiday season. I am sending you so much love and good energy. Congratulations to the winner! And have a lovely weekend Debi!


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