Friday, October 5, 2012

Thankful Bounty & Blessings♥

All my helpers who moved my humble bits to my new hobbit.  ( Captured in watercolour by Spectacles Crane)  Wagon inspired by Vanessa Valencia

My cyber♥'s never stop creating, and I am behind in my blog visits.  I must mention that once again
A Fanciful Twist is inviting everyone to participate or blog visit the 5th annual "Halloween" celebration.  Linky to your left This is a postcard made by Vanessa V and if you enjoy spectacular detail and magical mysterious mayhem, then this blog visit will thrill ........promise x

This Thanksgiving is especially blessed as I am grateful for a new home, my loved ones,(near & far)   and cyber♥s  that amaze my imagination.

You may have noticed the New Workshop to your right....for Doll Dreams.....well guess who WON!
as free spot in Ady's class...........................................?????    Well???????   someone who could certainly use all the art classes available thats WHO!                 Yes sir REEEEE  it is ME!!!!♥

Soon I toooooo may just spark to the extreme talent of   Ady  Almanza

So fingers crossed.....I will post my ambitious attempt in Puddleduck Grange Studio....please click at the top if you have a second  xo

You know I always find time for fun filled Swaps.  Doll Dreams is having a "Halloween Swap" and of course I must squeeezzzzeeee some time for my creative expresson.  It cant always be Domestic Diva day in day OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cyber ♥ Trish Lovato    is hostess once again and Ady Almanza  Doll Dream curator and fabulous artist provides the Halloween Swap with this spooktacular inspiration piece. ♥

As you see, my BLog List Cuties are forever filling my head with what is COOL to DO.   When I bow my head this holiday weekend I will be taking extra time to scatter my gratitude in pray for many blessings. ♥

A view from my front door!  Mother Nature always  gets her palette RIGHT!!!


  1. I have never seen such a beautiful view from a front door, you lucky lady! Congratulations on your free space at the workshop, well deserved I think :) Have lots of fun and creative love in your new home xxx

  2. That's the view from your front door? Oh my I am sure jealous! That's beautiful! Everytime I leave the house I can't help but feel so happy and inspired looking at the leaves. Oh my goodness Spectacles Crane did a beautiful job on that piece! I adore it! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Debi!

  3. Your photograph of the fall foliage is a feast for the eyes! Great scenery from your home must bring many smiles!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Great view! Bet you are thankful to be settled again.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. wow! awesome view! congrats on winning the class debi! can't wait to see your day of the dead artsies! i hope you are well! congrats on your new home :3 take care<3

  6. Thank you kindhearts for visiting! and welcome to Carmen for newly following along. I am thrilled to see everyone who pops by♥

  7. Wonderful blog - just found you through Cameron's mermaid swap (I did it too ;) happy to "meet" you! Kristin xo

  8. Thankful Bounty of cyber♥s to be sure....i am very overwhelmed by you all. This is what keeps this duck quacking and whaddling on.

  9. Oh my!!! What a stunning view!!! I hope you feel happy in your new place and that you will have more glorious days in this autumn!!!
    xo Christina

  10. Came by to visit your party and realized I missed this post. Can't wait to see what you create with Ady's inspiration!


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