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Long Ago, Not So Far Away ♥

A short while back my kindly sister searched and searched out the "women" in our past.  This proved to be a challenge as HIStory is well documented , HERstory not so much.  Only interested in the women who came before me and the times, places and hardships they undoubtedly faced, and over came amazes me beyond words. 

Please remember these are my opinions and conclusions to information (limited at best) with the puddleduck flare added for spice!

The earliest date is 970  in and around the Powysland in Wales.  Between the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacon the Welsh county of Powys has left traces of a Neolithia Communty.  The Lake Dwellers ( Lake Llangorse) who pored sand and clay into the lake near the shore and on these artificial islands built houses on silt.   The names on the family tree..Women's side...paternal Grandmother...where ..Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica and Lieicu Verch Gwerystan  Oh my I do remember my great grandmother speaking to my nana in such away I did not understand...I was  4?

This was one of the few kingdoms that the Normans failed to overrun and when in 1293 the rest of Wales came under the crown of England,  Powysland and "the marches" or border estates remained under the rule of separate chieftains.

Now it starts to sound like movie material.....................

Maud (Athelida) de Ingelrica  Born 1031  St. Marin's le Grand  London England

Maud was the daughter of a powerful   Saxon Lord   said to be a son of   Athelred "the Unready".  Her mother was Princess of France  Aelis Adele

At sometime Maud may have ( this is where speculation and rumour visit) gone to Normandy with Edward I ( King Edward I  or Edward the "Confessor")   when  he was in exiled to Normandy?  Still sketchy but voila!   Some may say "concubini" of William I (  later to be known as William the Conqueror)  and on other accounts married to and first wife to William I (the Conqueror) ABT 1048.  in possible affair producing "William Elder Peverel"  Some accounts say the name of said child is Robert Bestard Le Bastard...nice...........label the child at any rate, their was a son and William I   didnt raise him..............

Alas this may/november fling was not to last............William I   married Maud of Flanders 1053 and my 32 great grand Maud Athelida de Ingelrica  married Ranulph Randolph Peverell  They had 13 children in 10 years....

Now I know where the attraction to younger men comes from, but child rearing, not so much....

On the female tree hangs...ladies, duchessess, countess, baroness,  but by the late 1700's the women married differently?    So from Camberwell, Surrey England  Gran..Jane Tillett to Emily Mary Tillet born in  Cardiff South Wales  1887  to my paternal Nana, who I take after, (so Ive been told and happy for it) Grace Ada Robbins born 1908 Avon Gloucestershire, UK 

My maternal Grandmother Alice Luella Brost   maiden name was Crittenden.  Her mother, Millie Crittenden was born in Ohio USA  1868...moved to Michigan and later married Charles Brost...and this is where both sides of the female gene pool answer so many ...well.............were the rebel yell comes from..................Millie run off to marry Charlie, before she was of age...but had her older brother poise as her father and sign the marriage certificate.............alright.!!!! you Millie!♥

So it shouldnt  have surprised Millie  when her daughter   (my grandmother) ran off against her fathers wishes and married a smooth talking, slick, bad boy type,  East Coast Canadian .

So not to bore you all any longer, this was the most fun I had hearing about my relatives and this is just a tiny portion of the on going adventure  my sister  (who by the way bares a strong resemblence to our maternal grandmother Alice..hah HA!)  has taken on....I just pick and choose the ...well the characters who most influence my dreams.................the free spirited gals ♥

This was posted on Mel Underwoods FB    "The Creative Canvas"     Mel recently searched her ancestors and was over the moon ( as depicted in her art)  with her findings..   This rang out to me just after I recieved the start of my sisters journey into the archives.

During my blogging adventures I have been honored to  have met with creative souls from all over this planet and in one meeting in particular....Faye at  directed a very energetic lady...Estelle and my way........

Estelle lives in South Wales and was delighted to have read my earlier blog announcing my lineage...and we all know how the Universe works ............

Estelle previously worked in the Cardiff Castle.  My Great Grand was born Cardiff not the Castle.   Estelle sent me this history filled book of Wales and insignia stamped leather book marker and a heartfelt greeting card.....Oh and there was MORE!

Ouote "In Your Dreams, Search For The Pot Of Gold
             At The End Of The Rainbow
            In Your Life, Search For The RainBow"

                                 ....  ..    .  .Hope McKnight

With this magical did Estelle know my stone was Emerald?

I am over whelmed with gratitude and thankfulness to my sister for her long hours she put in to find the "Women" I so wanted to know about and to a new  "kindred"  soul ..Estelle,  for her generousity and "Welsh Sense" that I pray every night for wisdom and direction......Could this be a Sign???

I have so, so , so  much more to go on & on & On   about, but for now............Bee Safe and Bee Kind to Each Other...........................♥Prudence


  1. I found that so very interesting!!

    I am adopted, but am still in my paternal family where I have distant cousins and the history of great grandparents in Japan. I am learning more about my maternal side....more out of curiousity then a need to connect, but it looks like she hailed from Ireland.

    Quite a mix, eh?!

    You are descendent of Royalty....that's a cool thing to say!

  2. Only French.......the men where mostly Knights during that time then it all widdled back to hard working blue Nana put on her boarding pass as "household duties" for employment...well that hasnt changed.....Maybe thats why I enjoy "Downten Abbey" so much lololo
    Japan to me is such a mysterious county, so refined and poised...nice balance with the energy of the Irish....I knew I would like you...........

    Thank you so very much for visiting, I love to see you. ♥Debi

  3. We (me and hubby) recently did our Ancestry, we got as far back as approx 1640. It's amazing what you can find out. I also love the fact that I can see who was living in my various houses long before I was there, what they did for a living, how many kids etc.....history is interesting xx xx Thank you for your lovely comment on FB.

  4. So happy to have you pop in. Congratulations on your new ETSY shop and the shop name is unforgettable...."Ornamental Spagetti" from "Mona Lisa Smile" love the name and movie is a fav. Must run, I have glitter to spread....lolololo ♥Debi

  5. What an interesting post - love your ancestry! I love how small the world really is, so lucky to have 'met' you in blogland! I am really happy you love your gifts - I knew they would be perfect for you! They were sent with gratitude for your own kindness!

    Big hugs, Estelle xx

  6. Wow, what a colourful history and how amazing that your family tree can be traced back so far back and includes royalty! Someone on my dads side of the family did a family tree and traced it back 22 generations in China. Its interesting to find out about your roots. Thank you for all the lovely messages on my blog. Your friendship means a lot!


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