Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Aunties Garden

I know ....where have I been.  Mostly loosing body fat with the intense heat, but mainly here and there.

Romping and pretending is my favorite pastime....Reality is much to much sometimes.  So I get together with my band of superhero puddleducks and we escape to faraway places and banish villians.

Spectacles Crane shows off his aquatic talents. 

There has been much flurry at the grange this summer and my creative assignments where cut down to just one fabulous swap!

I will share all the splendid imagination I recieved...very soon...I can only tell you, that recieving art from suburb talented ladies from all over the world is a very precious gift ♥

To: the women who inspire's this fantastic ning site and our

I hope you where able to pop over to for the  "Mad Tea Party!"  Vanessa is a non stop creative heart and uplifting soul, who I had the pleasure of finding thanks to a Willowing Friend.. .

  Christina has gifted me such joyfilled cards in the past (picture of just one shown below)  and her art is thrilling and original.  She has been discovered in her homeland of Sweden to illustrate for a childrens book.  Congratulations and "I told you so" 

On my return.. my puddleduck email box had such cyber♥messages and I was overwhelmed.  I am truly blessed to have connected with each and everyone (you are listed in blogs to visit)
I have mentioned before the crafty bunch just over the Great Britian...The constant inspiration and "Come Join IN!"  lets gooooooo  just lifts my soul.  So following into another swapping adventure (previous was the ultimate fun 50button swap resulting in a cyber friendship the "Mermaid Art Swap" is my next escape to the land of piece, joy, and imagination.

Speaking of Faye(cartwheels&bubbles) that the heat has burnt itself out and me along with it,   remember the little mouse from the MolleMakers mag that Faye so generously sent me?  Well I thought the mouse needed an addition to her wardrobe. (Buttons from Faye...all the great ones can be found in England!)

I am smiling and happy to be blogging today, I have missed all♥s    so very much.  There is tons more I would love to ramble on   about but my chores have piled up and I must go for now...But not until I express my gratitude to my sweet sister Charolette. 


Grown with Love & Care and on the day these jewels POPPED!  I recieved their photo's to brighten my spirits and to let me know.....that a sister knows............

Yes♥    I am blessed and todays tale just skimmed the list

Until next time.....



  1. wow the mouse is looking great, so glad the buttons were useful x

    1. now that I have forgotten how many times I stuck myself with the needle making this cutie mouse, I want to make her a pal or 2!!! thank you forever ♥

  2. I love the superhero pictures!! That pool looks so inviting :) You must get involved with more swaps, they are great fun. We could do an art swap together, that would be fun! xxxx

    1. Yes.....lets......I love to swap with the Queen's of Swapping...........we should chit chat...♥Debi

  3. You are the Funnest Auntie Puddleduck ever!!

    Ooo, I love what you did for Ady....the ribbon and torn edges are fantastic touches....makes my simple paint on cardboard look quite plain....haha!
    Well, to tell you the truth, this is the first time I've used corrougated cardboard as substrate. I'll have to experiment a bit more in the future! See how you inspire?! :D

    I'm so happy to have you in the Mermaid Swap....and spreading the word!!
    Thank you so much!

    Hugs, Cameron

    1. Welcome Cameron...I believe you are familiar with some of us around here...You have started the cannons its full sails in the search for those delicate sirens.......see ya sooooon.♥

  4. A lovely handknit sweater for Mouse...just in time. You are a SuperHero after all!

  5. Such a sweet mouse - Faye is so kind! Being a Superhero looks like fun :)

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  6. Love the mouse sweater! Fun with family makes the heart sing! I love to see all the art work too.

  7. Oh I am tickled to have you all visit! I look forward to visiting you all and peeking into all your adventures.
    That little sweater was a challenge, well for me anyway, I think I have a problem with following instruction :-)

    Visit again soon, I must put my dreamy imagination hat on, there is a Mermaid Swap and a Special Blogfriend swap on my creative table.
    Huge Hugs.............♥Debi

  8. These are all just beautiful! I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following!
    So nice to meet you!

  9. Hi Debi, I love seeing all the fun you are having and it looks like Spectacles Crane is a great swimmer. Its also lovely to see all your gifts. What a lucky duck you are!! I hope alls well and magical in your world. Wini xo


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