Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Creative Flooding SOS ♥

As I wrote in my mission statement for this blog, was to search for inspiration from others...And olay!
it has been nonstop ever since.  I have met some of this world's more wonderful souls. (my blog list to the right is very important to me)

Remember the 50 Button Swap??? I was partnered with a lovely women,  Faye at   Not only did I recieve handmade extras and unique buttons, I have recieved so very much more. 

My old heart welled up the other day with snail delivery of this package sent for my b'day.  The lump is still in my throat,  I have been wishing for inspiration and direction and "hit me over the head", Faye has delivered all of that and wrapped it in friendship.     Thank you just isnt nearly enough.

Spectacles Crane was pleased to see me so brightened up by this kindness and my thrill for the best yet craft magazine....he suggested I subscribe to it....thankyou very much....I have!!!!

If you have wondered where all the crafters had gone............they live in Britian   ♥

My sweet Charlette ( little sister)  has been diving into our family tree...the female thread as they are the most exciting.  Starting with our Grandmothers....You all remember my ATC swap for Willowing?

Ancestors......The Socialite & The Flapper

As it turns out I wasnt to far off.....................I will go into all this another time as it is a whole blog on its own.  But it turns out my "Flapper" complex is decended from Wales and mainly around the Bristol Channel area....(Camelot, Merlin, Stonehedge)

So without ramble, ramble, ramble is natural for me the "flapper type"  to  have a mystical mentality.....
You have guessed by now that my sweet sister  Charlette     is "The Socialite"

Inspiration & Direction is all around us.  Do we notice it? Without judgement s? 
Opening my eyes and heart is on my bucket list, what joy has been coming my way!   Sharing from all over this world only proves we are in "This" together.  In my last post I shared a watercolour from Mr. Crane's art journal of "Barnabas Colins" and cyber♥s  responded in kind. Wini is an artist/designer/photographer and a "real" person♥
If you would love to see Australia please pop over for a visit.

I am saying "Yes" to every Swap and keeping track to what I say yes to, as it has been quite exciting.
I find humorous pleasure in the movie "Yes Man" .  Saying Yes is adventurous.  Without puddleducks to direct, chase or listen to,  my "needed" levels are  my direction search is telling me to say Yes!  and lets see where that leads Me♥

PSSSSSSSSSS..... I have been putting some of art attempts in the "Puddleduck Studio"
 please visit :)


  1. I love the items in your swap, I especially love bunting, I will be making some for my up and coming shop soon :) There are some old back issues of Mollie Makes (includes templates for things if that interests you) on the side bar under my reading list. Click the link to the blog then click on the mag covers, that takes you to the templates. I see your ancestry tree comes to Wales, I always knew you had some UK in you xx

    1. I just figured out how to reply to my visitors...Stop laughing.........better late than never..:)

  2. Oh now you share the secrets of Mollie Makers...lololol thank you but I am ALL over that. What fun it has been. And the Ancestory discoveries has saved me from so much therapy...I love to have you visit Penn, and I will be watching for your shop!!!♥

  3. I am so glad you liked the best and enjoyed Mollie makes - it is a lovely magazine!

    1. Its been salad's & hot dogs until I get my fill of my fabulous new magazine :)♥

  4. Miss Debi! I went to check out your lovely art IMMEDIATELY in Puddleduck Grange studio. I loved everything so much! You already have such a wonderfully defined style, did you know that? It's beautiful :) LOVEEEE THESE ATCS! We must do a swap sometime!

    1. Any time Jennifer, I would be delighted...♥ Thank you for taking alook at my "studio" what fun I have.
      I am so happy to have you visit...♥Debi

  5. Yayyyyyy i am finally here, lol...
    Think blogger was having probs, couldn't follow no one...
    Will be back..
    Take care

    Snuggles Angel xx

  6. Welcome Dollie ♥....I am very happy to have you drop by! Dont be a stranger ............♥

  7. Beautiful studio!
    Having open eyes and heart is certainly the best way to see all that the universe has to offer.
    Your swaps sound like a lot of fun.

    1. So happy you came to visit! Your home and alpaca's are amazing...♥

  8. Hi Debi, just to let you know I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award - if you do not want to join in with it, I do not mind!! Details on my blog :) x

  9. What a lovely parcel to receive from Faye -! I am visiting via Faye's blog and glad I did!

    I am your newest follower! Greetings from Wales :) xx

  10. Welcome and thank you both! Wow, I am thrilled and honored and will get busy to complete my tasks. I love to have a Welsh greeting and magical star all in one day....Thank you Faye & Twinkle Star ♥

  11. What a lovely and thoughtful gift you received from Faye. You are a lucky lady! Thanks again for the kind mention and for including my picture in your post! What a nice surprise. Have a lovely day! Wini xox


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