Friday, May 4, 2012


May is a mystical time.  Newness is everywhere.  This  May , I am going to take a journey. 
                            This journey will be difficult as it will only involve me. 

Forgetting what I thought to be true and replacing my inner voice with my truth's.  What I know forsure, is that I know nothing forsure.  My inner search has taken me to many creative corners this past year, all,  I am truly grateful for.  Looking at the world through others  "Art"  has brought realization  that we all are searching, and expressing  , even  ever  so subtle,  the  inner conflicts.

The balance to this ( as I see it)  when expressing  inner conflict,  I sometimes notice the immediate expression of inner joy.      Is this "Hope"?

"Why so deep, Miss Puddleduck?"  Well I am heading into unfamilar territory. 

 A milestone year is upon me.   This Gemini duck wishes to discover a firmer footing,  through my future, s o I will be quietly processing all lessons learnt or not , and hopefully  setting  forth on  a  joy...filled....healthier...spirit driven..wide open mind ....path.

I will celebrate the solar eclipse (May 20th) just before my personal eclipse day.    "An eclipse is an abrupt, radical change---the best opportunity to get out of a rut or break bad habits.."  I will certainly
give this opportunity my best efforts.

"Happy Mothers♥ Day"   to all my cyber'♥s    and theirs.     Spring Time  is most uplifting time.

                             Even the rainy days are filled with magic!      


  1. I would encourage you to enter a new phase in your life and also to take on new challenges. Do whatever makes you feel happy, say "NO" more and mean it, if you don't like something (or somebody come to that) change it. Don't mix with people who live in the past, fill your world with creative souls (always). I saw a great saying on Pinterest and from memory it said "There are 7 billion people on the planet, don't let one bring you down" Good advice i'd say xxxx

  2. That is said to mean you are wise, to acknowledge to you know nothing for sure. I wish you so much love and luck in this new phase of your journey. I too feel as though I am on a new path of self-ness. If that makes any sense at all. Divine selfishness, and centredness. Bless you Debi! You are too wonderful, and artful, and spiritual.

  3. Oh, best of luck!!! I should join in and plunge too, really ♥

  4. Hiya Just dropping to share the love & do a bit of bloggers snoopin.....hehehehehehe love your blog!!!xox

  5. I received the cookie cutter today. Thankyou so much, I am hoping to try them out on Sunday xxx

  6. Good luck with your soul searching and for your future journey ahead!! You are brave to venture in to the unknown with an open heart. Wishing you much joy, happiness, wisdom and peace! Wini xo

  7. What a wonderful little painting Debi!! xo Christina

    1. Thank you all for your ongoing kindness.... I love all my cyber visiters more than you know...


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