Friday, April 20, 2012

Under the Weeping Willow

Sometimes "alittle rain must fall"  thats fine,  but mixed with SNOW!   Getting over the winter "blues" and picking off "March Hares"  is more troublesome than usual...I wonder if my ducky duckyness is fading...?

That will never do, I must stay on course.   Look around, there must be something to  slap me out of this  weeping willow pout!

Go visiting, thats the ticket.    My dear heart "Charlette" ( little sister ) gifted me those spiffy new puddleboots  to go with my  merry-go-around  umbrella!  Yes!  the same sister who enables $ and cheers me on from one art class to another.    Blessed is what I am.

To your right you may have noticed a Contest notice.  Please visit Trudi at   you will be  amazed, enlightened and treated with creative visions only imagined in your dreams.    From Alberta, Canada.   Cheers and Applause, thankyou!

This fanciful print is called "Princess and the Pelican"    Magical to be sure.  My sister and I had
brooches like that on an Italian Knit sweater..sounds nice right...Wrong....huge knit, see through , all the  way  to our undershirts......and the brooch only drew the eye  to an already  embarassing  site...
But the  image here most of all,   brings back free, rebellious, memories.   

On this very disappointing, gloomy, wet, cold, day  We must visit
I promise,  you will feel so much better, and remember     we will, we will, we will,   have days like this.  When?  not sure ..but for now,    the gardening magician...Vanessa..  shows you what is possible...and soon your gardens will GLOW...just like hers♥

When I feel lost,  I remember all my blessings and visit dear cyber ♥s....Its a ducky day after all  xo

This is a stunning, handmade card from Christina,  I admire not only her black
and white swans that live in her pond,  her  tropical adventures are thrilling  but her joyfilled art.

Oh look,,,,,the rain /snow has stopped.....♥


  1. The weather is not to good here in the UK either
    :( Thank you for the link to Two Dresses Studio (wow), I love digital art, and this blog is fantastic, beautiful work, surreal in some ways xxx

    1. Trudi's blog is so full of great things...I am very interested in the art exhibit featuring Elton Johns accordance with the ballet.."love lies bleeding" She was also in Somerset Studio in jan.2012 but they put the wrong name under her image...I am in awe many because I totally dont understand the medium..
      Nice to have new experiences. So very happy you like it that makes me smile♥

  2. wow what a lovely umbrella and so unique!! Very lucky! x

    1. Thank you, it is a fundraiser product for the local museum, there are 2 merry-go-rounds at the lakeside park, and the horses and other animals are handcarved and painted. Very 1920's
      You have the Ocean, I have a lake...and we both love water! (me, only to look at) visit again soooon ♥

  3. LOL I know what you mean about the rain/snow! It's been horrible hasn't it? Yesterday I was on a four lane highway, in the inside lane. The person in front of me decided to go quickly into the inner, left turn lane (which wasn't plowed) and splooshed my windshield with slush! I couldn't see a thing, it was so scary! What a beautiful circus umbrella! And I know, I am so jealous of Vanessa's garden and flowers and weather too. I have to thank you for your advice on my teaching dilemma. You said the exactly right thing to pick me up. Although I didn't get an email, so perhaps you may have sent it to the wrong address? It's Thank you for all of your beautiful, kind words. You are such an uplifting and kind friend :)

  4. I am happy to know you live somewhat close! Nothing but Spring Time from now on..............♥Debi


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