Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Button Swap Update & Faeries

Happily I have been drawn away from my daily duties by a very exciting package in the snailbox!  I love trading & swaps and my new thing is chunky book swaps....

  Hmmmm lets see, OH, from England, could it be?

I mentioned in a previous post...50 Button Swap hosted by or "Nice Blog" as the green bird button says.  My gracious, kind and lovely partner was Faye, .

Carefully unwrapping,   I was tickled and you see from the photo, its a puddleduck CARD!   Butterflies,  Owls,  Ice cream Cones... oh you should see the   "out of this world"   Buttons! 

 Each more perfect than the I know where all the fabulous buttons have gone to live...England!

There is two more tiny with a handmade button brooch, and button earings, but wait,
yet another package with the gorgous ribbon....OH MY FEATHERS....a stunning handmade braclet!

Gracie Sweetie Bear run off with it.........

Thank you so very much dear Faye!  What beautiful treasures you have gifted me.  I am flushed and speechless.

My word for this year was "Abilities" and my mission here is to meet inspiring creative hearts...well
as you all see.....everything is "right as rain"     here at Puddleduck Grange ♥

While my heart is filling with gratitude....I would like to huge hug my little sister "Charolette" who gifted me with a wonderful art class from the dynamic Jane Davenport.  My classes are coming to an end,  learning basic's   but mostly how to use art supplies properly...thus the class name "Supplies Me". (Artomology)   Inspiration and creative skill is very high in her class and I have humbely learnt much.

So my little Faerie's   would like to send love and bushels filled with gratitude ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Happy Easter ................and all the blessings Springtime will bring.............♥ Prudence Puddleduck


  1. I am glad they arrived safely! What lovely paintings xx

  2. Love the buttons you received, I got mine the other day and I forgot to do a post on them, I suppose its not too late to do one :) Lovely paintings, I follow Jane Davenports blog and I love her work, one talented lady! xxxx

  3. Lovely fairies Debi!!! I´m soooo happy for you that you are on a course with Jane Davenport. I follow her blog and watch the free videos and think she is just amazing. When I can afford it I will take one of her courses. Hugs Christina

  4. Beautiful fairies! So springlike and jolly. Perfection right now that the snow has gone and all the birds are starting to come out! Oh and what a fabulous swap gift you received!

  5. Dear Debi, what a delightful button swap, and such a thrill to receive this lovely gift!! I love your fairies too. They are so delightful and so nicely drawn!! And what a wonderful gift from your dear sister!! An art class with Jane Davenport will be fantastic! Enjoy yourself and Happy Spring!


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