Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Petulance of March

Oh the irritable "March Hare", is visiting all around me.  Is it Spring? or are we still in the freezing hands of Winter?  Peevish times to be sure. 
In true character of a this favorite imaginarium, I have been mimicking his fractious behavor.

Never ate Quiche, never made it.........but Spectacles has a delighted twinkle when this untried
receipe is mentioned....................so clang those pots & pans................Volia!

Sudden whims are not new at puddleduck grange so bing, baaaam, booooom!  Spin & Twirl......

Comforting, traditional, Bread Pudding!   A stable during "the great Depression"    ( or was that, Depressing times??hmmmmm)

As a finale' to every reigning "Domestic Diva"  the clean-up....more time to reflect,  plan and search out where I left my   "happy thoughts?"

There is always a struggle going on,  notice or not.    What is uniquely YOU and YOU in your community ...the balance of that definitely needs adjusting from time to time...

And there is my clue!  This weekend as I  Spring!  ahead and leave the cold chills behind, clawing back to  bloom,  ever so colourful ,  cheery and  bright, I will remember the not so  bright moments and file it away in "Lesson Learnt" and be grateful to be part of yet another  season.♥

Tomorrow is "International Women's Day".  To me, I remember women who took on this balance with grace, faith and dignity.   As women we are responsible   ( yes we are)  for the emotional health of our families, and without leaving "puddleduck grange"   I will leave it at that.

International Women's Day gift brooch to my Mom...1990's


  1. Cooking always cheers the soul. My Mum (now departed) used to make the most divine bread pudding, I have the original recipe somewhere! I love the brooch - quite stunning xxx

    1. The bread pudding is handed down from your part of the world....hmmmmmm maybe we are related? ♥Debi

  2. I'm not a good cook, but I'd love to taste that bread pudding!! :))

    1. Im not a clever artist like you...lets trade♥Debi

  3. Oh gosh you must have gotten some of that nasty storm last weekend too? It was fierce! And now today, I didn't even have to wear a coat! The quiche and bread pudding look so fantastic! Mmmm yummy! You're very right about women being responsible for the emotional health of our families. I could not agree more!

    1. You are a very balanced young women! Your influences should be very proud...thank you for stopping by..♥Debi


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