Saturday, January 21, 2012

When the world gets to much to STAND!

Guidance & Direction

I ask for guidance in this new year
To take me where Im meant to be
A path to walk, a voice to hear
A signpost through life's mystery
Send direction for my journey
And inspiration for my heart
Lay my passage clear before me
So I might make a proper start

----Deborah Blake

Bleek weather, grey skies, miles away from smiles & hugs.....get out the watercolours!  I have enough lessons to keep this poutie duck busy.  Not at that age of knowing it all,  yet, I love to listen to what my cyber♥s are buzzing about.  Oh,Oh, Somerset Studio, mixed media edition Jan. 2012, our Tam of Willowing & Friends has a feature, showcase of her magical creations and a mistake in identity for Trudi of  One would say Balance.........others,would say,   well you know. (the celtic in me thinks good /evil)

Art classes with of Artomology, Supplies Me, has a gentle way of leading you confidently to challenges seemingly out of your reach.  As she instructs from the lovely beaches of Austrailia (summer there!) kindly and calmly she coakess the impossible. Also, information about the supplies to really get comfortable with and why they enhance your work.  Who could ask for instruction, the disclaimer being art is subjective...I love this world♥

Alway the questioning child, I have recently been drawn back to the poets....I have found Deborah Blake.  Simplicity with stories of natures answers.  If we stay quiet long enough we are forced to face the screaming inside.  Unresolved questions & answer time, so we all at some age point will take a longer than a glimse look at this. 

Happily I can sit still longer than 5mins now, I have fought the guilt chatter of who needs, who wants, and slip into my comfy knitting corner.........some practice, yoga, meditation, jogging, I escape with pointed objects and a ball of yarn.  Intruder beware!

Bandana Cowls, one for Hermine, to match her Christmas socks and one for Spectacles Cranes mother, who admired his and mentioned she to would appreciate one on her early morning walks! displayed them beautifully on her blog in hmmmm, Nov./Dec and I loved the design, so Lise, you will be happy to know that it only took me 4 tries to perfect the pattern, now all the puddleducks must have one!    I think teaching them to knit might be a better way!

Before I head to my real chores of the day, I would like to send love and endless support to a new blogger to our creative community.  Fortunately it didnt take half a century for this ♥ to take her creative soul out of the closet and venture forward on a wonderful journey of enhancement.  I know Miss Amy ( my puddleduck) will learn bushels full from all of you, as I have.

Welcome  shown is some very early cards/paper art .  The talent screamed out and I am puffy feathered proud to watch it FLY ~~~~~♥~~~~~

What do people do in the north, who arent raising alpaca's spinning yarn or knitting snuggly comfies?

Ice Fishing!  Canada A!


  1. The Deborah Blake poem is beautiful and the artwork is to :) Also I will look at the links you have provided as I enjoy finding new blogs. I often visit Jane Davenport, like Tamara at Willowing, she is a huge inspiration, both for her art and her life xx

  2. A Bandana cowl for each of your puddleducks! How lucky.
    I also am sitting with sticks and balls today. Mittens are on the agenda.

  3. Lovely picture and poem!
    Great to hear you ignore the guilt chatter and relax in your knitting corner. After shoveling snow I will spend the whole of the day in my studio just being artsy!
    xo Christina

    1. The guilt chatter is somewhat like the memory of fades, it fades, then poof....cant remember :)
      During my journey I have tried it I decide to be constructive, HUGE :)))))

  4. Sounds like you've successfully climbed out of that deep cold and dark place of winter and finding a warm spot to create. Stay warm and inspired!

  5. Your visits mean a great deal to me, and your examples inspire more than you know..........♥Debi

  6. Mama Prudence, I have already wrote the blog for this upcoming special Thursday and will be posting it Wednesday. I look forward to jumping into my creative pool in the coming days and will be in need of guidance to post my special things i create. xoxo love always Hermine and little birthday puddleduck

  7. Argh!!!!! You're doing one of Jane's courses. Awesome. You are one very lucky Puddleduck. I love Jane's work and am really looking forward to her lesson on Life Book.
    I just love your painting at the top and the poem to match it is really beautiful. Very fitting for us all as a new year of adventure begins.
    I've just visited Amy's lovely shiny new blog. You have good reason to puff those feathers my dear. So nice to see another creative soul taking flight. As you know not long ago that was me.
    Well the munchkins are demanding I make them some Vegemite Toast so I have to run.
    Thank you for your undying support Debi. You are one in a million.

    1. Not long ago, you & Meli reached out to me and inspired, encouraged and friended. I love this kind of Butterfly does this World Good♥

  8. So glad you liked the poem! I mostly write in longer lengths (novels and nonfiction books) but I do enjoy writing my smaller spells, prayers, and poems for the Llewellyn annuals!

    1. Very gracious of you to visit, thank you. I must make a point to read more of your work, although, the poems have become my favorite. I have ordered your book, but I will keep the review for another day. Thank you very much again, this means a great deal to me. Sincerely, Debi

  9. Bonjour Mademoiselle! (Don't ask me why but I feel a bit French lately :))
    So happy I finally visited Puddleduck Grange. I mean I have visited before of course, only silently. I don't know why we bloggers do that... visit silently. It must stop!
    I am utterly and completely infatuated with your knitting skills. I am certain the recipients of your goodies will much appreciate the warm bandana cowls in this darn cold season!
    You seem to have been quite busy recently! I am also soooo into poetry lately. Deborah Blake is brilliant! Such lovely words.
    Lots of love,

    1. Ola to you! When Im cold I am Spanish :) You and your broomstick are welcome anytime! You may enjoy Ravelry,I have a link to the right...I knit to think, I use to cook, but the domestic diva is getting tired of her tierra. I love creating now and chatting with my cyber♥s
      Please visit again real soon......♥Debi


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