Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tidy Up the Creative Corner!

Feeling frazzled, I have resorted to list making.  First,  on this very long, long   list is  a combined project that Spectacle Crane and I did together.

  Recycle this packing tape roll,   Spectacles Crane loves to make containers. Carefully cutting and making new ends,  he begins his gift to me.....

Hmmmm..    what does Prudence need...    .Cutting,  hinging  and  cover  with discarded packaging material,  this case is starting to take shape.

I have recieved several lovely pieces of decorative paper in my ATC packages lately, and this particular one, sent to me from my very first ATC partner, EmK from Ohio, jumped into my hands.

This Asian Style napkin was among some art swap goodies, and this was
the perfect place to show its beauty.

Shaping up nicely, as all of  Spectacles Cranes  art usually does

Now with a gently applied clear protective coating, and 4 skillfully drilled holes at either end, it is my turn to solve the next question......
Handles, I must have handles.

Corker it is!   

Some buttons, that Spectacles Cranes sews on with dental floss (his specialty). Wooden and ceramic beads to complete the overall style and    Viola!  

 Camera Case for me...Prudence Puddleduck♥

Big Picture taking weekend ahead....Spectacles Crane will be celebrating yet another


  1. This is facinating. What a wonderful project.

  2. Oh, that´s beautiful and great. What a fun camera case. Looking forward to see more.
    I´m buzy making my own christmas decor at the moment. xo Christina

  3. Thank you kind hearts for visiting! You all are inspiration to me everyday♥

  4. Thanks for sharing all the creativity and fun. I was waiting in suspense to see what you are going to use it for. What a great idea.


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