Monday, November 14, 2011

Scattered Joy♥

"Happiness makes up in height
 That it lacks in length"
                         Robert Frost

This past year of learning to reach out, beyond the voices in my head, has been soul mending and character enhancing.  I have had the immense pleasure of communicating with the most selfless, kindhearts this moulting puddleduck has ever met.

I have been asked time and again "WHY" is this so important to me?  It is very personal to me.
      Communicating has never been a strong point of action to one with wings♥ 

So I want to express to all who take their precious time to review, remark and inspire me daily,           a huuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeeee!
Thank you from the bottom of my cobwebbed heart.

Know pharmaceuticals could have done more for my soul, than all your kindnessess and examples of  living creatively. 

Here is to another year of caring, sharing & Creating :D ♥

God Bless & Pray Often ♥Debi


  1. sending you love, sunshine and smiles! Sometimes those voices in the head lead to great art work, but I tend to argue with mine that I don't have the time to do everything they say I should... ;)

  2. Lots of love to a fantastic Puddleduck!!!
    Art and the companionship between arty souls are truely healing. Hug from Christina

  3. Hi Debi, well ive finally moved into my little house, it was a big big thing and its finally over , i can see a light at the end of the long tunnel and cant wait to art again, the voices well they come and go dont they but im getting better at shooing away the negative ones, and wings, well we all have them so just fly and be happy ....

    hugz bev


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