Monday, October 3, 2011

Milestone Day!

This frosty Monday morning is filled with reflecting on the journey far. As my son heads into his third decade of his adventure, and my daughter is creeping up on her forth! ha,ha,ha. I am stopping for just a moment or two to take inventory.
Living a gypsy life, filled with extremes, smile breaking highs, dark cloud lows, all is well for this old duck.  Around the "thanksgiving table" my head will be bowed and praise for "not giving up on me "will be prayer #1.  Followed with counting many,many,many blessings, this prayer will be full of gratitude.
I have been creating other drama's for myself .  On my search for self, I have joined, shared, opened my heart and mind to the outside.  Usually in control, this is about letting go, stepping back, and entertaining the ideas and opinions of others.  To my surprise, I am not unique. 
When looking beyond myself, my life, and embedded ideals, spectacular perspectives from like minded creative souls, are taking me on an adventure, just for me, about me and dependent on me!
Looking out for family was more familiar than looking into me.  Slowly, tiny steps and the own two feet are stablizing nicely. 
I will need a warm hat & warm feet!
Although my knitting has slowed down, the ladies of inspiration, challenge me to catch up!  Feverishly I am completing a birthday gift for Charlette and completing some dashing poke a dot flashy socks for me! (wont try that again)

Speaking of inspirational women, just two, I choose to use as my subjects in a current art group challenge.  Remember critics, I am a rookie at anything "By Me"
Next this fantastic creative community asked about my "Dreams" Oh my, scary area. I choose daydreams, not so dark...
Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

Dare To Fly!

From a Collage, Paint & Soul class, trying very hard to follow someone elses direction...I found I enjoyed following.

So as you see, I have on an adventure once again, the gypsy spirit is a live and florishing, hurray! Finding friendships along the way, from every part of a world I only imagined exsisted.
The dark clouds are being held at bay, and the soul is winning.
God Bless All & Give Thanks Often!
Love & Light.....Prudence


  1. Always nice to see and read what you are up to, Prudence ... Lovely Post!

  2. These are all soooooo great. You've been hiding your talents me thinks dear Debi. Maybe you and I might have to do an ATC swap sometime if you're up for it. :) I was thinking of doing the collage paint and soul myself. Something a little different. I might just have to sign up now. xx Brooke.

  3. Love your knitted hat, it's so cute! Lucky girl who gets to wear that!

    Take care!

  4. You write so beautifully, I love to read about you and what you do. I love your work and I think your more than a "rookie". xx

  5. You are a very talented lady, i love the knitted hat just what I need know the days are turning cold.


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