Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Apparition

Why do I love this celebration?  I think it is the dressing up part that draws me in. Imagination unlocks ideas and standback..you never know what could happen then!

Remembering past celebrations is wonderful, and thankfully my online lovelies help me recall a simplier, fanciful time.

I hope that you will visit  www.rosalily.blogspot.com  to realize the legendary beginings of this whimsical event.  I am very pleased to have this tale to read to my little puddleducks who wonder what all this is about.  Knowledge is power and expels nonsense.

So lets take a quirky visit to some magical places and visit my hollow.....shall WWEEEEEEEE?

Its almost time, but before we continue, let us scoot over to  www.christinaart.se  for a lovely update
on 3 of my relatives shall we................................................Wasnt that fun!  I miss those girls so much, I hope we can jet around together very soon.

With a wave of my hand and hocus,pocus, alieoooooop, my puddleducks will be safe from any spells that may go wonkie. The petulant eyes will stand guard and protect you all.

Specatacles Crane, please let the guess in, show them to their seats and Treats will be served!

Come this way...Come this way...Come this way

Watch your step♥

Small puddleducks are hidden from view...who would think to look in tiny pumpkins..ha,ha,ha,ha,

I need some models for my warming socks, they will make you drowsy, they will make you dream.

Almost there....

Done.....I present, just 2 of my knitting witty projects, and I hope that Hermine likes hers, as they
are her favorite colour......As for the Polka, Polka Dots, not to sure whoooooo I will cast them to?

Please keep your seats......yes,yes, YES...you can have the Polka, Polka Dot ones...Quick serve the

Treats, Treats,Treat, to please & warm

Mysterious Cupcakes with special shiney sprinkles!

Creamy, Dreamy, Hot Coco..hm,hm,hm,hm,

Happy faces, and giggle filled bellies.  Thank you all for visiting Puddleduck Grange.  New memories and adventures await!!!!!
Oh,Oh,Oh,    We are all invited to another PARTY!!!♥!!!!!! Lets all zoooooooom over to a fabulous
extravaganzzzzza..... www.afancifultwist.com     please stay together oh, know...one of the tiny puddleduck pumpkins has run offffff!!!  See you all soon♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Great pictures and great story. Love the petulant eyes and the chopped off legs(hilarious). xo Christina (from willowing).

  2. Simply adore all the Halloween spirit here!
    So glad to here that the "stash" package made it there safely :]
    Enjoy. *hugs*

  3. that looks like so much fun! xox

  4. Hi hun, thank you so much for this mention and the sidebar pic, it really is very kind of you. For the last couple of weeks I havent left as many comments as I would like but that will change!!! Speak soon x


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