Monday, September 12, 2011

Joining In Jitters!

I have gone from sad to thrilled in a very short time.  Once you mustard up the courage to stick your peak outside the door, or snoop around groups that are beyond your skill level, something happens.  Little by little you find yourself with your "hand up" so this is where I have been.
I love to knit so Ravelry is where I go.  Quietly, I mingle and dipped my toe into a Friday evening knit & chat group, at my neighbourhood yarn shop.  What an enjoyable group of talented ladies I had the pleasure to meet.  Checkxxxxx see you next week!

Next is my amature attempt at drawing, painting & collage. Up goes my hand and now I am franticly putting some artist trading cards together, with a deadline!  These fabulous women  are alert and ready to help every inbox is busy, with inspiration, kindness and fellowship.  The skill level is high but I like to dream.  So wish me luck...Checkxxxxxxx ready to send in my humble ATC's.

If this hasnt challenged, every bone not creeking enough, I am throwing in an Art Supply Stash Swap!  This will provide me with the excuse to visit online and around, art suppy shops.  Check,Check,Check!

I am very happy to have participated, in everything.  I know how the little puddleducks feel, starting their new adventures and learning to join in, even if they are fearful. 
How else will we grow, hear other points of view, and measure how far we have come as an adult?
Participate while I still can, is my new motto!   love & light 

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  1. Hi! Thanks for popping over to my blog, its great to learn new things isnt it? :)


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