Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autumnal Time of Life

It was bound to happen.. Start reading more than recipes and cleaning product instructions and you become a much more interesting person.  I have found myself set adrift,  once the centre of my puddleducks universe, I pouted for a bit, then decided to venture out on my very own adventures.
Like the lonely little tree, swaying in the brisk wind, I refuse to be consumed.  So off to the library!
With the help of several very helpful ladies, on my favorite web sites, they armed me with a very intellegent looking list to impress the libraians.                                        

Pretending an air of literary confidence, I cursed up and down the rows of classics and favorites of the masses "in the know!"

I must admit a feeling of accomplishment leaving the library with an arm full of wonderfully exciting stories to discover.  With the help of my dog earred dictionary, I got through them.  One faster than the previous, as my brain and eyes adjusted to the new workout.

The chill in the air is helping my energy levels.  Keep moving to stay warm!
I have mentioned just some of the books I have read, ( never thought that would happen) and I hope that after the initial..."I dont have time, or I cant stay awake long enough" you will give "peace" a chance...(sorry, I couldn't pass that one up)    love & light..................


  1. Thank you for your really lovely comment on my blog :) Reading can be a wonderful experience, I have a lot of books but I admit I dont often read. I see you like Tarot, I read tarot cards, also I have a lot of "cousins" in Ontario (Thunder Bay) x

  2. Prudence I loved your blog! Great photos too :)


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