Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sparks Finally

It has been cloudy lately, but finally the slump is passing!  I owe this to several things . The inner voice which is greatly ignored, only till the last moment, and to prove its realizism, I pulled out my dear Tarot Cards, that Hermine bought me many years ago.  So here it is, spread out infront of me, the direction I have put on hold, far, far, far, too long.  Next; to feel apart of something just for me, I joined like minded groups which have encouraged social interaction, that I shy away from. Finally, meeting a wonderful soul faraway in Austria.  Her creative karma and free spirt jumps off the internet and fortunately for me, she excepted my request of friendship.
Heart full of hope, armed with positive thoughts of success, this new adventure appears promising.

My new area is full of very pleasant and kindhearted people.  The shops are amazing, one in particular, which sends ache's and lightening bolts to my creative bones.  I love to visit this shop and after I post photo's, you to will want to visit very soon yourself.

When your heart and mind, as one opens, how very surreal life seems to merrily-goes-around!

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