Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Friends! and A Giveaway !!! Hurray what Luck...

I am very excited to have meet several wonderful women on Willowing & Friends.  It all start with
my quest for creative inspiration.  And da,da,!!!! I seen Kelly Rae's blog in a scrapping magazine and
willowing & friends jumped out at following my feelings as usual I ventured and joined.

I recommend this fellowship for all creative ducks.  You do feel part of something even from afar!

Special Thank you to my new friend....Brooke...runawayviolet

Keep Cool and Create

love & light....Prudence ...( Debi )

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  1. Debi, Debi, Debi. If you were not so far away I would kiss you right now. You have just absolutely made my day not once (by mentioning me in this lovely blog post) but twice ( and I'll be heading off to the post office once my youngest wakes from his nap. So excited ). Thank you darling. I have a special surprise lined up for you too. I'll let you know more about that a little later though.
    It really is so nice to forge new friendships even when you live half way across the world isn't it. I love Willowing for that.
    Oh and I'm not sure why but your blog posts have not been showing on my google reader so I have only just seen this lovely post. I will endeavour to change that right now though.
    I love the keep cool and create. That's awesome.
    Thank-you again Debi. I hope to one day return the favour. :)


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