Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is in the Air!!!!

The nest is empty at the moment.  All the puddleducks, big and small are off on their own adventures.  Spectacles Crane is on his own journey far away from me.  I am missing him very much.

My new projects are hats!  Hermine has taken to them and this has encouraged me to change from wool to cotton for the coming season.

I am knitting fancy socks with lace tops. Soon our
fashion will be seen and we must all look our best!

If gardening is a favorite passed time, I have been reading this months special issue of Martha Stewart is the gardening issue and I am enjoying all the excellent information and ideas this magazine is choked full of. 

When I am finished with some of my on going handy work I will post it.  For now back to my chores, here on Puddleduck Grange!

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