Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Return to Puddleduck Grange!

It is exciting to anticipate an adventure.  New surroundings, new energy, new perspective.  After a week of this, I sought out my knitting needles and ventured to the neighbourhood yarn shop.  What is familiar is not contempt, but self assuring, soothing.
When the greener grasses are covered by snow, it is difficult to see opportunities, but with some concentration and blind faith, my new direction is blurry, but slowly coming into focus.  Sleeping at night is getting easier, confidence is returning and HOME is on the horizon.
Every other minute, I remember my puddleducks, smiling and calling out "NANA". I have their pictures tucked away in my knitting book, where my balance can be adjusted when needed.  My prayers are filled with BEE SAFE , Head in a Good Direction and surround yourself with love, alwaysxoxoxoxox
In anticipation of yet another season, my hunt for new creative projects is on.  I think I will venture off to more exotic yarns (for me anyway!) bamboo, cotton blends and alpaca.  Adding shiny beads, and making my own stick pins.  Lip balms, soaps and candles are a possibility as my mind gets ahead of reality at times.
My reading favorites are exactly that.  I have been moved, inspired, relaxed and challenged to read above my capabilities.  The "Just Kids" read, is a blog post all by itself and I looooved it, if only to realize my youth wasn't odd, but experienced somewhat, by others. 
Mended by adventure, Happy to be of value to others, Energized for the future!

Happy New Year!   The Year of the Rabbit....born 1927,1939,1951,1963,1975,1987,1999,2011

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