Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On another adventure

This year has started and already change is in the air..  The snow has stopped falling for now and the carriage is packed.  I will be away for awhile so all my puddleducks , big and small, please venture, what ever strikes you.  Find your passion and you will understand your heart, my dear ones.  Your heart will feel empty without adventure.  Take care of each other and bee safe. 
The water is hard on coffeemakers, so clean them weekly with vinegar...2 to 1 ratio.  Gets the minerals out and keeps the coffee flowing.  Handwash and block ( form them again and wrap in towel and press out water) your handmade treasures and if you are in need of something please let me know. 
On my journey I will be on the lookout for new ideas to create for everyone who wishes them.   Hold each other close and take nothing for granted.  Until we chat & hugs  Prudencexo
The world is confusing outside of Puddleduck Grange.  I take all who is precious to me with me.

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